What is Matte Lamination?

Matte lamination is a technique that can be used to enhance the appearance of printed material. It involves using a special adhesive applied to the material's surface, and then a layer of thin paper is glued to it. The result is a smooth, non-reflective finish that gives your print project a high-quality look and feel.

What is matte lamination, and what are its benefits?

Have you ever wondered why some glossy magazine covers are so smooth and feel like velvet? In all likelihood, they were given a matte laminate coating. The laminate coating is basically a thin polyethylene film that’s heat-sealed or glued to the surface of an object, such as paper or card stock, to protect it. Matte lamination is special because instead of making material look shiny and glossy, it results in a more muted finish that makes it appear velvety soft. Not only does this type of lamination make paper and card stock look more attractive and professional, but it also helps to protect whatever’s underneath from dirt, dust, fingerprints, moisture damage, UV light damage, and even tearing or wrinkling. So, whether you have business cards that need protection or a book cover that needs extra polish, matte lamination can be just what you need for the job. Read More: https://www.customboxesworld.com/dimensions-of-a-cereal-box/

How is matte lamination achieved in custom packaging?

To achieve a matte lamination finish in custom packaging, the paper or cardstock is first printed using CMYK (four-color) printing. Afterward, a dry laminate film is applied to the stock — this can be done on all sides of the packaging or just one side, depending on the desired look. The film causes the stock to take on a dull appearance, removing any shine and providing a sophisticated matte look. To finish, a converting process takes place to create the shapes and sizes of your custom packaging needs. With the combination of printing and lamination, you can create stunning matte boxes that will stand out against their gloss siblings. Once completed, these customized products are perfect for whatever merchandise you need to present and protect. So, if you're looking for quality with an extra layer of refinement, go with matte lamination for your custom box projects.

What types of materials can be laminated

Chances are, you've come across various items that have been laminated. This process is a great way to enhance durability and prolong the life of packaging materials. In fact, it can be used on a wide variety of different surface materials. Cardboard boxes, paper bags, plastic bags, labels, and even signs can all benefit from lamination. But perhaps the most exciting thing about this type of packaging material is that it's incredibly easy to customize. You can choose from a variety of thicknesses depending on the level of durability required. Laminating also adds an extra layer of moisture resistance, making it perfect for items that need protection in wet or humid environments. Not only does laminating help extend the lifespan of packaging materials and gives them an attractive shine that easily catches potential customers' eyes. So, next time you're looking for a product with improved shelf life, consider lamination to do the job.

What are some common applications for matte lamination?

When it comes to laminations in packaging materials, matte lamination is an extremely popular option. It's versatile and cost-effective, giving you the perfect finish that won't break the bank. One of its most common uses is to laminate cartons and boxes, creating a smooth texture with a subtle sheen that helps strengthen the surface of these delicate materials. Matte lamination also creates an excellent barrier against spills and stains, so it can be great for food products or other items which might otherwise be difficult to clean. An added bonus is that this type of lamination is highly UV resistant, making it great for outdoor applications like labels on solar panels or car batteries. And because it's water resistant and tearproof, matte lamination is also often used for name cards or flyers, which need extra durability too - so experimenting with different types of material can be really effective. In conclusion, there are lots of applications for matte laminations in packaging materials: from cartons to food products, to outdoor items or durable details like name cards and flyers. So, don't hesitate - to experiment and find out what works best for you.

Pros and cons of matte lamination


Adds a layer of refinement and sophistication to packaging

If you are looking for a slick, polished presentation for your custom packaging, matte lamination could be just the ticket. This additional layer of coating gives it an extra touch of luxury, refinement, and sophistication - much like applying lip gloss to turn that ‘plain old’ envelope into a luxurious package. It's also great from a practical standpoint; matte lamination can help to protect your packaging against fingerprints and grease stains while also adding structure and support so that it is more resistant to tearing and folding. And it's not just limited to paper packaging: you can also add this extra layer of glossy shine to materials like plastic or cardboard, allowing you to get creative with your design and make something truly outstanding. With all these advantages, matte lamination is the perfect way to take your custom packaging to the next level.

Reduces shine for a matte finish

When you need your custom packaging to look great without excessive shine, matte lamination is a smart choice. The process of laminating with a matte film not only gives you the no-glare finish you're looking for but also provides additional protection from the elements that could damage the underlying paper or board used in your product's packaging. Matte lamination also offers excellent printability and adhesion qualities, ensuring that fine details like barcodes won't be compromised during the laminate application process. Best of all, the matte film can be used with just about any substrate, so it's easy to find exactly the right material for your product's custom packaging - without worrying about sacrificing aesthetics for durability. When it comes time to make sure that your packaging looks perfect without being too glossy, using matte lamination can really help. Whatever product you’re making sure stands out from the competition on store shelves or at tradeshows, consider using matte lamination for a professional finish and maximum impact.

Strengthens package materials

If you are looking for packaging materials that will stand up to wear and tear, then you should consider matte lamination. This process involves aqueous coating the paper or cardboard materials with a layer of plastic film. Adding this additional layer, it increases the strength of the material, making it more likely to withstand being handled and transported. In addition, since the plastic is clear, matte lamination allows you to still see all the design details without any distortion. It also does not reflect light, making it ideal for brands who want their packages to look elegant and professional on store shelves. You can also expect a higher level of protection from dust, dirt, and oils when using matte lamination too. Ultimately, this process can be highly beneficial for custom packaging solutions that need to be strong and durable. The matte finish also looks good enough for retail applications and prevents smudges from ruining your printed designs as well. As long as you choose professional-grade materials, then matt lamination could be a great choice for all your custom packaging needs. By investing in this extra step in the printing process, you can have peace of mind knowing that your products are well protected against potential damage on their journey to customers’ homes.

Water-resistant and tear-proof

If you're looking for reliable custom packaging, matte lamination is the way to go. Not only does it look luxurious and captivate attention, but it also has a range of practical benefits. One of these advantages is resistance to wear and tear. Matte lamination provides an extra layer of protection that prevents your prints from tearing easily, even during transport. And at the same time, its water-resistant properties mean you don't have to worry if your package gets caught in the rain on its way to the recipient. Its durability makes matte lamination particularly suited to packaging food products or protecting items like books and magazines. So while it can go beyond simply looking attractive, it's also resistant enough to ensure that your contents stay intact, too—the perfect combination of form and function. And when you invest in high-quality materials like this, customers notice, giving them greater confidence in your product before they even open it up. Believe us: That's where you gain a competitive edge over the competition. So, if you want a reliable protective coating for your business's custom packaging design needs, matte lamination is an excellent choice worth considering.

UV resistant

If you're looking for custom packaging that will stand the test of sun and time, matte lamination could be an excellent option. This type of laminating film contains a UV inhibitor, which provides extra protection against fading, cracking or other signs of wear caused by ultraviolet rays. Not only that, but matte laminations create a lovely velvet-like finish that wraps your product in a comforting embrace. Unlike other surfaces such as glossy and soft-touch laminations, mattes provide a less slippery surface that won't rip or tear easily – making them perfect for small parts and items like jewelry and small apparel. Best of all, mattes are easy to produce, so the cost is often lower than that of other types of packaging lamination. All these advantages make choosing matte lamination a smart choice for any custom packaging need.


It may require additional printing steps

While this type of finish can offer some unique visual benefits to your product packaging, it may come with certain drawbacks. One disadvantage of using matte lamination is that it can require extra printing steps in order to achieve the desired look and feel. Depending on the complexity of the design and the level of detail you want to achieve, this may result in additional time and expense as well as extra materials needed for production. You'll also have to factor in any possible quality issues that may arise from printing multiple times—which could be especially difficult if you're dealing with specialty papers or if you're trying to match Pantone tones. Ultimately, matte lamination comes down to choosing between desired aesthetics and potential risk versus cost and effort—so be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully.

It can be more costly than other laminating processes

If you choose matte lamination instead of other options available, it could end up costing you more in the long run. Matte lamination can be glossy or have a canvas-like texture on one side, making it an attractive choice for many purposes, but it doesn't come cheap. In contrast, other laminating processes like laminated film rolls provide protection at comparatively lower costs and don't sacrifice much of their aesthetic value either; they might be worth considering before investing in matte lamination. Similarly, there are book jacket applications that are similar to matte lamination but with an added UV coating that helps ensure better longevity — again, at a fraction of the cost. Ultimately, if budget isn't a concern for you, then go ahead with matte lamination; otherwise, look into alternative options that may suit your needs just as well without sacrificing much on performance and quality.

The matte finish can reduce vibrancy in colors and graphics

If you're customizing products with packaging, you know that adding visual impact is key. But decisions about lamination can have a major effect on the graphic quality of your packaging. For example, matte lamination can give your product a soft, sophisticated look — but it can also have an unintended downside. With matte lamination, colors and graphics may lose some vibrancy compared to glossy options. So, it's important to consider the effect of choosing a particular finish before investing in design elements that may not come through as vividly as you intended. On the other hand, if vibrancy isn't critical to your design elements — such as logos or designs in shades of gray or pink — then matte lamination may be a viable option. No matter what route you decide to take, it's always best to ask a professional printing specialist for advice on which finish will look best and achieve the ultimate graphic impact for your product packaging.  The bottom line is: choose your finish wisely because it could make all the difference in how your packaging looks. Coordinating both form and function in custom packages takes careful consideration; however, with the right planning and expert advice, you should be able to create powerful branding with a beautiful visual impact.

Final words

In conclusion, matte lamination is an excellent choice for custom box projects that require a sophisticated look and durability. Its water-resistant, tear-proof, and UV-resistant properties can be great for outdoor applications or packaging materials that need extra protection. However, the additional printing and laminating steps may require a higher budget than other processes. Therefore, it's important to consider both the pros and cons when making your decision - but with careful planning, you can create the perfect matte boxes for your unique project.

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